About the Area

Village of Stamford, NY

The Queen of the Catskills

The Village of Stamford, NY, a.k.a. “The Queen of the Catskills,” lies within the Town of the same name at the headwaters of the West Branch of the Delaware River. The Village is known for several exceptional restaurants, including TP’s Café, Stamford Smokehouse and Gabrielle’s Restaurant. And just west on State Route 23 is Mama Maria’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, a great family spot!

Great History

Home to the once-grand Rexmere Hotel, built in 1898, it was one of the finest hotels of the era, with fine cuisine, a private golf course, elaborate galas, marching band and parades. Beauty pageants and swimming demonstrations brought thousands of well-to-do patrons to the hotel each summer. Unfortunately, the landmark burned to the ground in 2014. The amazing seven-story mansion-hotel had just been purchased by Hunt Slonem, the internationally-renowned Manhattan artist who has restored several other grand buildings, filling them with art and classic furniture.

The Mystery of Mount Utsayantha

Towering above the village is the famed Mount Utsayantha (3214 feet), named after an Indian Princess, who some say, was overcome with grief and leapt from the mountain’s peak to her death when her lover failed to return from battle. True or not, the act of leaping from the mountain’s peak remains a popular sport, only today that act is completed with parachute or hang-glider rig. There are two “hang glider” take off spots, one just below the summit and the other in front of the summit building. Both have spectacular views, however to get the 360 degree views you’ll need to climb the restored fire tower. Unfortunately, this fire tower is located outside the Catskill Forest Preserve, so it is not part of the “official” Fire Tower Challenge that the Adirondack Mountain Club promotes. Weather permitting, the view from the top of this fire tower is among the finest in the entire Catskill range.

Catskill Scenic Trail

Also running through the village is the nearly 40-mile Catskill Scenic Trail. This rails-to-trails route starts in Bloomville, NY and travels through Stamford and finishes in Grand Gorge. Offering exceptional mountain biking, running, walking and cross-country skiing, this trail is a favorite of locals and regional travelers. The old rail bed traverses the valley floor passing farms and smaller villages and traces the West Branch of the Delaware River. It is truly a beautiful four-season experience.

Stamford Central School

The Stamford Central School is a PK-12 public program with 340 students. The school ranks 74% in the US News Rankings for Math Proficiency, and 91% for English Proficiency. With an 11:1 Student to teacher ratio, this program offers residents solid educational experiences.

Vibrant Arts Community

There is a vibrant arts community in the village and the surrounding area. The 76 Main! Stamford Art Center offers performances, workshops and writers circle in a community based arts center operating year-round programming. The center features regional artists, emerging talent and new works. Each summer the entire area comes alive with creative energy. Within a short drive, there are dozens of venues and happenings including: Bright Hill Literary Center (Treadwell NY); Franklin Stage Company (Franklin NY); (Stamford NY); Hanford Mills Museum (East Meredith NY); Honest Brook Music Festival (Delhi NY); Roxbury Arts Group (Roxbury NY); Spillian (Fleischmanns NY); West Kortright Centre (East Meredith NY), to name but a few.